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Patricia Leslie
Richmond, CA

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Patricia Leslie

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When I started writing the first of my Tam Lin novels in 2009, I had no idea that the story would keep unfolding, book by book, about a Scottish family named Randolph. So, at that time, I just went ahead and titled the book with the name of the old Scottish ballad which formed the core of my own storyline (The Ballad of Young Tam Lin). That tale revolves around a rather classic romantic triangle with a paranormal twist - the young man (Sir John Randolph) is torn between a very mortal young woman, Lady Janet Dunbar, and Daniu, the immortal Queen of Elfland.

Very shortly after I finished writing the first story (set largely in 1790), a second one turned out to need telling, about the paranormal love lives of the next generation of Randolphs, in 1813. Then, a third book took shape, set in 1833, with another, younger set of descendants.

All three of those novels were rooted in Scotland along with the Randolph family, but incorporated frequent excursions to various ...        > Read moreRealms on the Other Side of the Veil, where all sorts of non-Human beings dwell: deities, devas, nymphs, fauns, dryads, gnomes, talking animals, as well as more malevolent creatures, such as boggarts, banshees, shapeshifters, bogle-beasts, and a few particularly powerful enemies of the Elfin Queen, and of the living Earth over which she watches.

Book Four takes the Randolphs of 1851 out of their familiar homeland, on an excursion to London and southern England, for the season of the Great Exhibition. In Book Five, by 1873 the descendants will have emigrated, and be living in San Francisco. Of course, wherever the family goes, Portals to the Other Side of the Veil can always be found, and in every story, leading characters find themselves slipping with ease from this mundane world, into more fantastic Realms -- usually, with varied romantic results.

So, the series has by now grown into a new form - a family saga. It now appears that this saga will be continuing, generation by generation, right up until the present day, and -- possibly -- a little way into the future. I hope my readers will stick around and see where life & destiny takes each generation of Randolphs!

Now for the Big News. Seeing that it IS a family saga, I have made the decision to republish and re-title the first two novels in the series, with the title form which all future books in the series will also bear. Right now( Fall 2013) seems to be the most appropriate time to make this change, with only two books previously published, and a third right on the brink of publication. Even more significant, is the fact that I am parting ways with CreateSpace/Amazon as publisher, and ALL the novels, including the first two, will now be coming out under the imprint of Carterhaugh Books. All with beautiful,magical new otherworldly covers by Bill Oliver of Boy So Blue Graphic Arts.

That means that THE BALLAD OF YOUNG TAM LIN (1st edition, 2011, with the spiral & rose on cover) and THE REPRISE OF TAM LIN (1st edition, 2012, with the castle on cover) will very soon cease to be available any more, ever, to order through CreateSpace or Amazon. They will also cease to be published under THOSE titles. The NEW book titles will be:
The Randolph Family Saga, Book One: The Ballad of Tam Lin
The Randolph Family Saga, Book Two: The Reprise of Tam Lin
The Randolph Family Saga, Book Three: Tam Lin, The Encore
The Randolph Family Saga, Book Four: Old Tune, New Lyrics
The Randolph Family Saga, Book Five: [untitled]

Book One will, I believe be out in print as a second edition in November 2013; I hope that Book Three (first edition) will be out as well, before the end of 2013. The second edition of Book Two I expect to have out by February 2014. Book Four, currently in the revision process, will I hope be available by late 2014. Book Five is planned for 2014.

Books One and Two will also be withdrawn from e-book availability as Kindles for a few months; but we will be arranging for a new conversion to e-reading formats which will be available in a much wider array than before; the new versions will return to Kindle at that time.

Additionally, my urban-paranormal novella, ALL THE ELEMENTS, is also about to be withdrawn from CreateSpace/Amazon, as both trade paperback and e-book. I will be incorporating it into a collection of my shorter fantasy works, and am planning to bring that out as well, in late 2014, under the Carterhaugh Books imprint, and e-reading formats.

So, if anyone reading this has a great desire to purchase copies of any of my books from Amazon directly, I recommend doing it immediately, since that outlet for my work will cease to exist, by November 4, 2013, at the latest.

I do have quite a few copies of ALL THE ELEMENTS ($5) here on hand, and will be happy to sell them by mail, directly to anyone interested, for $8 per book, which will cover tax and postage.

I also still have some copies of my self-printed songbook, A VERY PAGAN HOLIDAY SONGBOOK ($10, 42 pp., 8.5"x11"), which features my own unique lyrics (some spiritual, some satirical and filkish) all written for existing, well-known song tunes (so, no musical notation is included, and for most casual singers, none required). It's spiral bound to lie flat while singing, and printed on a lovely parchment-type very heavy paper stock, and has 36 fun and inspiring songs, such as "The Twelve Days of Eco-Awareness," "The Pagan Drummer Person," and "O Come All Ye Pagans." Again, I can sell these by mail, for $14 per book, which will cover tax and postage.

A copy of each (ALL THE ELEMENTS and the songbook) can mailed together for $20 for both, tax and postage included.

Watch this space for announcements about publication of each of the novels by Carterhaugh Books, and info on how to purchase.

Patricia A. Leslie is the great-granddaughter of a bagpiper at Queen Victoria's Court, and the granddaughter of a Glasgow theater manager. She is an honors graduate of UC Berkeley, (Cultural Anthropology) with an emphasis in "anthropology of religion." She also holds a certificate in museum studies (CSU Chico) and an MS (Metaphysics) from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, and once trained for a year to be a Scottish Country Dance instructor. She is also a Second Degree Reiki initiate, and trained by the Flower Essence Society in the use of Bach-type homeopathic flower remedies. She has been a secretary, a screenplay typist and a bookkeeper, a proofreader and script doctor, a stage director, theatrical artistic director, costumer, Renaissance and Dickens Fair characters, and a supernumerary in the San Francisco Opera; she, has studied singing, French, Hawaiian, Scottish Solo Dance, Hawaiian hula, ethnographic filmmaking, screenwriting and creative nonfiction writing. She enjoys vegan food, foreign film and television, novels (fantasy, science fiction, mystery), English and Scottish country dance, traditional and contemporary Celtic music and song, and raising her new dog. She is committed to respect for all life, and considers herself a Pantheist.

I am available to do book readings and signings pretty much anywhere. But beyond the West Coast, I would need my travel expenses covered.

Styles: Authors

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